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About Us

Our goal is to bring the newest searchlight technology to our clients to attract attention and deliver success to their special event at the most affordable cost.

Let Northstar Searchlight Promotions help you with your Grand Opening. Our powerful, high performance searchlights can light your customer's path right to your front door. Let your customer base know you're open for business!

Searchlights are a great tool to attract attention to all types of events... galas to grand openings, anniversaries, fund-raisers, festivals, concerts, theaters, haunted houses, casinos, OTB's, conventions, sporting events or any other special extravaganza....Northstar searchlights will draw attention for miles around. Let our advertising searchlights increase traffic to your night venue by creating awareness, excitement and success for you!

Northstar Searchlight Promotions is a searchlight rental, advertising company serving all of Indiana, including Indianapolis, Illinois, including Chicago, Southern Wisconsin and Michigan, Western Ohio, including Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, including Louisville geographical areas. Contact us for other service areas.

Light Output

The average multi-beam has 2 or 4 Xenon lights, each 2000 - 4000 watts or 150 - 332 million candle power. Our Singlebeam searchlight output is 4,675 watts and a whopping 1.4 BILLION candlepower. Most truck-mounted, Skytracker searchlights are rated at 2000 watts and only project 150 million candlepower of light.

Beam Size

Yes, size does matter. Typical searchlights have a beam size of 13-16 inches. Our searchlights sport an 18" size beam. The Four Beam Modular Trailer utilizes four HD-1 High Intensity Searchlights that project FOUR HIGH INTENSITY BEAM OF LIGHTS totaling 5.6 Billion Candlepower!

Generator Noise

A truck or trailer mounted searchlight including most multi-beam lights require the use of a gas or diesel engine generator, similar to a utility construction generator. Some of these engines run up to 3600 RPM and make a lot of noise, thus making it impractical to place these lights near your venue's front doors or by the "Red Carpet" at various events. As a result, the lights must be placed in a location away far away from your event. Our searchlights are powered by the newest technology and only require to be plugged into a standard wall outlet. Our searchlights can be placed as close to the door as you want or even on the roof-top for pure un-obstructed view.

Lower Cost

Trailer or truck mounted lights generally require that a technician be present to operate the lights thus adding additional rental cost. Our searchlights require a very easy briefing on how to operate, namely, where to plug it in and how fast do you want it to rotate? Our searchlights are super easy to use and are the brightest lights available on the market for just the right effect to attract attention to your event.

Rental Rates

Single Beam Searchlight Rental

Our Single Beam NASA HD-1 searchlights are a full motion, one head searchlight which projects a single beam at 1.4 Billion candlepower that can be seen for 3-18 miles, depending on atmospheric conditions. It rotates in a continuous 360 degree pattern or may remain stationary. The beam creates attention, high-performance-lighting effects and pin-points the location of your event.

Single Beam searchlights are 46 inches tall x 24 inches wide, feature an 18" diameter beam, weigh 118 lbs. and require a minimum 12 amps & 120 volts (standard wall outlet) and placement on a flat surface. The beam is fully adjustable (0˚ to 90˚) so as to avoid interference with buildings, trees or traffic. Our Single Beam searchlights are incredibly portable compared to a truck or trailer mounted light. You can even place the lights on an elevated platform or roof-top. A 50 ft. or 100 ft. extension cord and timer is INCLUDED at no extra charge.

  • Single Beam Searchlights are Super Bright and Affordable
  • 1.4 Billion Candlepower
  • Great for Red Carpet / Elegant & Fashionable Events
  • Super Quiet, Easy to Use and Eco-Friendly
  • Brightest plug-in Searchlight available on the market
  • Perfect for Single Night or Long Term rentals

Nightly / Weekend Rates

  • Nightly (minimum 3 hours) - $245.00 Additional hours are $45/hour
  • Two Nights (6 hours) - $445.00 Additional hours are $45/hour/light
  • Weekend (3 nights, 9 hours) - $610.00 Additional hours are $45/hour/light

We recommend renting two or more Single Beam Searchlights at a time for beam crisscrossing and more spectacular attention with savings of over 50% on each additional searchlight!

4 Beam Searchlight Rental

The (4) Beam Modular Trailer includes four Powerful, NASA HD-1 Searchlights. Powered with a self-contained, whisper-quiet, fuel efficient, Honda inverter generator. The Northstar Searchlight (4) Beam Modular Trailer is always a crowd-pleasing feature at any event.

  • Most Competitive Searchlight Rental Rates
  • The Largest, Brightest and Most Unique Searchlights Available
  • Superior Customer Service / Fully Insured
  • Clean, Professionally Maintained Searchlights
  • NO generator fuel charges with Modular trailer or hidden fees
  • NO unsightly, loud or old-looking equipment

Nightly / Weekend Rates

  • Nightly (minimum 3 hours) - $425.00 Additional hours are $100/hour
  • Two Nights (6 hours) - $775.00 Additional hours are $100/hour
  • Weekend (9 hours) - $1,065.00 Additional hours are $100/hour

  • Delivery

    Delivery is NOT included in the above equipment rental rates. Delivery will be calculated individually based on current logistical factors. Mileage fees vary, based on total delivery distance. Contact us for a custom quote and for other service areas.

Our Clients

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LA Fitness


First Christian Church

Decatur, Illinois

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Andy Mohr Automotive Group

Plainfield, Indiana

Landmark Automotive Group


Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra


Buffalo Wild Wings


McDonalds Restaurants


South Porte Bank

Marian, Illinois

The Drake Hotel

Oak Brook, Illinois

Lester Elementary PTA

Downers Grove, Illinois

Cricket Wireless

Cell Phone Service

Heritage Memorial Church


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St. Joseph's College


Johnny Rockets Fireworks


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Glass City Film Festival


Fountain Stone Theaters


Terre Haute Chevrolet


The Prewitt Restaurant & Lounge

Plainfield, Indiana


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